2055 Bio-Logix Ankle Brace

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Anatomically engineered with a low profile quick-wrap closure Flex-Link hinge design for maximum ankle support and ultimate Body-In-Motion performance.

LEVEL 3+ - MAXIMUM PLUS - Ideal for major joint instabilities, post-surgical joint protection and therapeutic recovery.

  • Ergonomic lateral and medial molded plastic internal support stays comfortably surround joint
  • Molded TPU exoskeleton anatomically supports exterior for further enhanced lateral stability
  • Articulating plastic internal stirrup wraps upward from under-foot supporting below the ankle
  • Soft Flex-Link hinge integration provides a natural flexion/extension and fluid movement
  • Integrated Figure-8 strap system and Heel-Lock strap for maximum ankle inversion and over-extension stability
  • Contoured comfort memory foam aligns brace with ankle joint for precision fit
  • Easy on/off rear opening with forefoot sleeve and quick-wrap closure (aka, easy)
  • Anti-slip silicone sole creates stable in-shoe contact and enhanced performance
  • Left/right specific
  • MATERIALS: 25% SBR neoprene, 18% TPU, 18% Polyester, 15% nylon, 6% PP, 5% spandex (elastane), 5% PU foam, 4% PE, 4% TPR exclusive of trims, NOT MADE WITH NATURAL LATEX

Video on sizing and use:

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