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Bat Benefits

As mentioned above, this BBCOR bat does have a hybrid design (alloy barrel and composite handle), but it is only a 1-piece bat. True designed their Axenic Technology to seamlessly combine the EVMAX Alloy Barrel and the SMARTPLY Composite Handle together. That seamless connection should allow for top energy transfer from the batter's swing to the baseball upon contact. 

Even with the 1-piece design, this HZRDUS BBCOR bat's SMARTPLY Composite Handle should be able to nearly eliminate all vibrations from getting down to a player's hands as a result of a miss-hit. However, if the batter squares up a pitch, the handle will allow the player to get an incredible feel at contact! 

Like nearly all TRUE baseball bat offerings, this bat will be offered in many half-size options to ensure that you are getting the absolute best chance at purchasing a baseball bat with the precise length and weight combo for your swing!

And lastly, as a cherry on top, this True model will have a handle that tapers up to the knob to allow for a professional look and feel on the handle end of the bat!


TRUE is very aware of the need to help customers out if they experience a durability issue with their TRUE bat. Because of that, TRUE has offered a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty period on this bat. If you get this bat from JustBats and experience a warranty issue on it between the purchase date and 12 months past the purchase date, please let our Bat Experts know. The Bat Experts will be able to get you set up with the warranty information and materials so that you can begin a successful warranty return with them!

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